In the heart of the world, high in the mountains of Columbia in South America, lives a people untouched by modern civilization. Their priest's believe that they are the guardians of the "health" of this world. It's a fundamental belief, among every member in the Kogi Tribe, they are the guardians of life here on Earth.

Hidden away from the rest of the world since the 16th century, the Kogi, believe that the planet is being destroyed by the activities of a modern, industrialized society. Because of this, they have decided to come out of hiding and deliver a message to the world. And, their message reads: "Our Earth is being destroyed by greed."Image

The Kogi make no predictions, they only want us to know; "If we do not change our ways the world will not survive."

They believe it will cease to be fertile. And, in order to correct this, they believe, we should avoid taking fuel from the ground and stop cutting down trees! Aside from that, they need nothing from us and expect to be left in peace. Image

Perhaps, because they observed the world more closely in order to survive, they became more sensitive to it's needs. Never-the-less, the Kogi, utilize only the natural properties of the Earth and have no relations with material objects. They did not desecrate their land- they revered it- and maintain a unique and unchanged relationship with the landscape surrounding them.

The Kogi don't ask us to be like them, they only want us to help them and by doing so; preserve the world and become sensitive to it's life.

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