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The day will come when you are called to do something with your life. Be it go off to college, get married, open a business, work in an office, or become a parent is one of life's great choices. From this moment forward, a momentous time in your life will forever be remembered, and it will be known as your own life's work.

When Michelangelo started to work a sculpture he did not see the finished product. Believing the sculpture was trapped in stone, he continued to chip away at the slab until the "beginning of a being" appeared. It wasn't until this moment he recognized what he was trying to create and worked to achieve a masterpiece.

You are the master of your destiny. Although it may be more convenient or comfortable to blame others for what occurs in your life, the fact is, your in control of your life. Destiny consists not of a series of circumstances but of a series of choices you make. Through the impact of your choices you are effectively choosing whether you will live a life filled with quantum leaps or never make an impact on the world in which we live.

Make no mistake about it, the multitude of choices you make today will have an enormous impact on the quality of life, you live tomorrow.

From this moment forward- "make your life count!"

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