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Children are one of our greatest lessons of happiness. They constantly challenge us to enjoy the moment as the next day may not be the same. There's no sense in saying to a small child, "I'll watch you later," or "we'll do that tomorrow." Two years old gives way to three and then four years and before you know it there's this teenager standing in-front of you, who's to busy with their own life, to enjoy a moment of yours.

Developing a grateful attitude concerning your child is essential. Every time your child rushes up to give you a big hug or looks at you and smiles- you have something to be grateful for. Be interested in your child. Allow them to tell you about their day and make eye contact with them. Acknowledge your child, even if you're busy and make sure they know you're interested in what they have to say. And, most importantly, encourage your children and praise their accomplishments.

Someone once told me that at the end of the day you should be able to say you have done something important for you kids. Even a simple task such as telling them you love them is important. This advice may not keep them from growing up and moving on with their life but it will keep the memories you've made with them -close to your heart.

You'll wonder where all the years went, and they will be gone, but at the end of the day be able to be grateful for them!

Today: Hug your kids!

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