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Happiness can actually be one of the most reactive emotions because we tend to spend our lives waiting for things to happen that will make us happy: "I'll be happy when I get promoted," or "when I have a boyfriend," or my favorite... "when I lose weight!" This is such a flawed belief system and those things will not make you happy.

Waiting for an external force to awaken our joy and happiness is precisely what keeps us lacking in joy and happiness. Happiness is a choice we make and must continue to make repeatedly. So, what do you do when the conditions of your life aren't exactly joyful? You fake it till you make it! In other words, if you can't find the strength within, awaken it from without.

It's our five senses that prevent us from being happy 100% of the time. Studies show that if someone describes a scene to you and you imagine it, whether or not you see it with your eyes, the same areas of your brain are stimulated. The brain doesn't care whether it happens in reality or not. Similarly, when you smile, it doesn't matter if something is making you smile or if you're just smiling for no good reason - the result is the same.

When the muscles in your face contract, endorphins are released into your blood stream, giving you that good feeling we all long for: happiness! Whether or not the smile is caused by the sight of your lover or because you're holding a pen in your mouth (like a bone), the body perceives that you are smiling, and it does its part.

Enjoy your week and take a minute to smile! Image

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