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Image There was a time when the Bible was universally regarded, by both the Christian and the Jew, as a product of truth dictated by God. All those who espoused the so-called fundamental viewpoint in religion maintained that everything contained within the covers of Scripture, known as the Holy Bible, would be accepted for the "literal" truth.

Not long ago, these brilliant, intellectual scholars who wrote for the Bible {quietly} engaged their labors to a book. All while attempting to define the meaning of our tongue. Because we possess such a vast amount of literature in this important field and often "speak our opinion" to one-another, these scholars used the information and interpreted it through this great book.

Written years ago, is the story of the Tower of Babel, and our ancestors believed we all spoke the same language at one time. They declared that originally all men and women spoke the same language and they got along beautifully. As the story goes, these people were determined to make a name for themselves by building a city and constructing a tower that would reach, God himself. But, as the tower rose higher and higher, the spirit of harmony and understanding lost its grip upon their hearts and they became so eager to finish the job, that they lost focus and stop caring for one another. If a man fell from the tower and was killed, no one grieved. But, if a brick fell from the tower they all grieved because their time was held up, waiting to manufacture, another brick! Because of this and because of their false value, God decided to confound their language and scattered them through-out the earth.

We live in an age of anxiety and confusion not because there is a want of life's necessities or a diversity of language, but because even when we use the same words, we mean something different from our neighbors and friends. And, whether people spoke in one tongue or many, the lesson learned at the Tower was: All language spoken by the heart should be decent and happy or your just babbling!

Before we can enjoy security and peace, we must first have understanding. 1corinth. 12: 28-30

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