No sort of scientific teachings, no kind of common interest, will ever teach us to share with one another property and privilege with equal consideration unless we first practice Brotherhood. Until we declare: Consciously or unconsciously: " I will love my neighbor regardless their beliefs- in matters of religion, politics, economics- and forgive their close-minded ignorance... We will never unite and become one.

What need is greater, what purpose more urgent--in America and in the world at large--than brotherhood? We talk about brotherhood, we preach it, we listen to others telling us about it, constantly eludes us. We allow ourselves to grow bitter when defending religion to our neighbors and grow angry when discussing the issue with friends. Is this not making silly spectacles of conflict arising for War, like children on the playground fighting over who's Mother is best!


Together we must believe that justice is better than injustice, freedom better than slavery, love better that hate, peace better than war. And, together we must believe in the brotherhood of man.

There's much you can do. Make your own life count!

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