How do you get yourself to the point of believing differently? You start by make-believing. You pretend to be a child and laugh out loud like an idiot, go as far as throwing a tantrum like a kid, all the while, you are make-believing. According to one of the greatest books ever written, The Bible reads in Matthew: “Believe you have already received and it will be given unto you.”

Look at it this way, we plan trips to Disney World and imagine what our room at the Animal Kingdom looks like- long before we arrive in Florida. If you’ve won the lottery or a large inheritance, even before you received the money, you knew it was yours. Most of us hold back and feel it’s a crime to allow ourselves to believe we are worthy of such great things. But if you allow yourself to pretend and make-believe and you feel like you have what it is you want; you have begun to believe, differently.

There’s a truth deep inside each of us that’s waiting to be discovered. It’s a part of life. It’s a part of who you are. Up until now you may have been thinking life is hard and a struggle, and so because you believed this, life is hard and you struggle! Begin right now to shout out differently, “Life is easy! Life is good! Good things happen to me!” Scream it out-loud!

All it takes to believe differently, is to make-believe in something new.

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