It’s pretty evident that the Ancient Scriptures were not written in a vacuum. During the times of Christ, people did not know of debit cards, jet airplanes, and fast cars. They did not hear of depression, schizophrenia, or know that epilepsy could be medically treated. These sacred writers, during this time, were people of their time and expressed themselves in a way understandable to themselves and to others. They dealt with the above afflictions by their “terms of the time” and spoke of them in the “terms of our time.”

There’s a biblical truth that sins and punishment are associated. These great writers insist God punishes people and the ways of their sin is DEATH! The Gospels do speak of fire, brimstone, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth. However, those Prophets were not writing about an Eternal Punishment as a description of a FUTURE condition waiting to happen. They were speaking of this (Hate) as a PRESENT epidemic! The external fire, the weeping and gnashing of teeth, is what we are PRESENTLY experiencing whenever we give rein to our own self HATE and express it! If I’ve heard once “You can hate the sin but not the sinner,” I’ve heard this a thousand times! This statement is taken out of context and even our Ancient writers would have left this judgement to God. The truth is statements like these are excuses for self-induced, self-inflicted HATE!

The core of Christian revelation IS THAT God saves, not punishes sinners, and Paul insists on this point when he wrote: Romans 5:8 “God proves His love for us in while we were "still" sinners, Christ died for us!” If you HATE the “sin” you are hating the sinner. The Bible refers to HATE as sin and DOES NOT support your theology. However, what it does describe is the consequence of hate, also known as HELL! As long as we are engaging in any form of hate, we are creating, an internal punishment for ourselves.

“Love those who hate you - forgive those who hurt you."

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