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I was once a person who spent a few days feeling suicidal and then decided, “If I could seriously ponder ending my life, then I can do anything! I can change anything in my life. So instead of ending my life all together, I decided to end my life as I knew it and begin a new life. I soon realized that letting go of the life I had lived and embracing this new life I chose was much more stabile and filled with great rewards.

Today, I try to pay it forward as best I can and listen to those who need someone to hear them. I also like to write about things I’m grateful for and the many lessons I’ve learned. My spiritual mentors from my early days including those friendships that have now gone astray taught me to be open-minded and love everyone regardless their beliefs. My friends have invested hours of answering tough questions, sharpening my thoughts, challenging my ways, giving me good books, and being my best-friend. I realize that without their encouragement back then and now, I wouldn’t have much to write about or the confidence to say it, today.

When friends truly communicate and collaborate, it’s hard to tell where one person’s thinking ends and another begins. However, I feel it best to be open-minded, accepting, and to love one another’s point of view unconditionally. Today, love your best-friend and tell them how much they mean to you.

This blog is dedicated to my best-friends who have been a part of my life for the past 36 years. Together we have enjoyed life’s many pleasures and lots of laughter along the way… Gail, Joy, Cyndi, Marsha, Bobby, Andrea, and Laura

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