Someone once told me that to know others is intelligence but to know yourself is true wisdom. And, I believe, mastering others is strength but mastering yourself is true power. If you look around at people you know and admire, you can detect those who are wise because they seem to stand out in the crowd. You may know someone like this who has a kindness concerning everything they do. They truly seem to live rather than just exist. And they radiate understanding for others needs and are able to clarify for them what needs to be done.

Naturally, we’re drawn to people like this because there is a need for them in our lives. Their wisdom can forge significant change in us and even the world. They do not have the same fears that drive the majority of the population and they act with integrity because of their own values. Wise people are willing to stick their neck out for their values and no matter the consequence; they do not stray from the truth in which they believe. These qualities make wise people different and allow them to help others along the way.

Wisdom has been described as a navigational tool used to improve our lives. If you consider the metaphor “a glass filled with muddy water,” after a period of settling down, the water becomes absolutely clear. If you then shine a flashlight through the glass of water, you start to see clearly. This is when answers appear. Today, be aware, observe, and listen to someone else’s needs. Share your life’s journey with them, all the while, they learn from hearing your story and you heal from telling it.

There are no explicit steps to achieving wisdom, all you have to do, are slow down and allow your sediment to settle.

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