Why shouldn't a boy who loves sea turtles aspire to becoming a marine biologist? First, he'll need to swim through the sea of excuses that well-meaning adults place in front of him. A teacher tells him he might not be smart enough, a store clerk comments that it will take him a long time, his mother cautions that the family may not be able to afford college for him, and his grandfather reminds him that he comes from a long line of farmers. Fortunately, his friend at the city aquarium, Dr. Tortuga, points out that these are nothing but excuses and "excuses are just words that stop you from doing what you want, being what you want, and having what you want." The only way to know if something is true and right for you is to try it and find out for yourself.

What if children could grow up never letting excuses block their hopes and dreams? What if we could help kids avoid the excuse-making habit right from the start? In his fourth book for children, No Excuses, Dr. Wayne Dyer tells the delightful and humorous story of one little boy who almost lets excuses block his path to the things he loves most.

Learn how "what you say can get in the way," and teach your children to believe in themselves. Read about a boy born with a love of sea turtles and how he learns to stop believing the excuses that could keep him from plunging in to the ocean of his dreams and start believing he can be anything he wants to be!

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