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Image Image Victoria, TX - April 16, 2011–Over 100 people attended the Annual Awards Ceremony for the top students attending the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Victoria. The event, held at the Johnson Symposium on April 16th, welcomed new students, recognized students advanced one-year above grade level, and students advanced two-years above grade level. Students pursuing either Math or Reading received gold, silver or bronze medals based on length of enrollment, merit, and effort. Other honors included: G by 5 for studying algebra by fifth grade and J by 5 for the student embarking on Shakespearean works by fifth grade. Kevin Nguyen and Reina Hingoranee have permanent places on the “Kumon Wall of Success” for attaining these remarkable benchmarks in the Kumon curriculum. Finally, those students who personify the core principles of Kumon: confidence, focus, discipline, time-management, and above all, persistence were honored with both trophies and medals. The recipients of Toru’s Top 10 were Juan Llompart, Jon Gonzales, Anna Llompart, Lilly Bhatia, Myla Wolf, Kala Nguyen, Kevin Nguyen, Neha Chandna, Karishma Parikh, and Mariana Velasquez. The students were also presented with “Be Truly Amazing” t-shirts. Three Kindergarteners, Joseph Bautista, Myla Wolf, and Anna Llompart, also mesmerized the audience as they read books to them.

As a Kumon parent herself, esteemed pediatrician Dr. Manju Sachdev delivered a powerful testimonial. Mrs. Tita Llompart and Mrs. Ernesha Wolf, a former teacher herself, were also key speakers. Center Director, Radhika Hingoranee, addressed how students of the same age work in Kumon on vastly different worksheets based on their own individual skill level. The best method of teaching is to differentiate the lessons based on the individual students; a one-size-fits-all education-equation does not work for all students. While many tutoring programs work at covering grade-level skills, Kumon works at mastering basic skills before moving on to more advanced skills. It is tailored to each individual child. I have personally seen students who came in not able to read, move through the program and master skills they had somehow not mastered in school. But what affects me even more is seeing students who are above grade level advancing even further ahead of the expectations of their school classrooms. Kumon is not just for catching up on academics, but for enhancing and even advancing above what the children were taught at school. Every day, I see three important skills that high school students struggle with: test-taking, time-management, and comprehension of complex material. All of these skills are addressed in the Kumon program. Many of our children in Kumon are proud to be at the top of their classes, completing work more quickly and with greater ease than many of their classmates. They are proud to be asked by the teacher to help out other students who are struggling with new concepts in the classroom, concepts that our children mastered months, if not years ago in Kumon. And if your children are not there yet, they will be, if you stick with the Kumon program.

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