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hospital Last night, after much discussion with my American doctor and members of Rotary, I was admitted to the hospital for further testing.

Since arriving in India, I’ve been experiencing swelling in my legs, fever and other symptoms. And for the past five days, I’ve had a migraine.

I’ve never had a headache last more than a few hours. I’ve been powering through the trip, taking painkillers and finishing out my Rotary responsibilities with enthusiasm and smiles. But this trip has been physically challenging for me because I haven’t been well for many weeks.

I’ve been keeping my (American) doctor in the loop about my wellness and the development and change of symptoms, including the emergency room incident a few weeks ago when I started running a 103-degree fever.

My fever hasn’t returned in about 10 days, but when the migraine started, my doctor suggested I be thoroughly investigated for a blood clot. Flying home with a blood clot could be dangerous or, in rare cases, fatal, and he didn’t want me to get on an airplane without a diagnosis.

So I checked into one of the best hospitals in Kerala, the Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences in Trivandrum, and I’ve already been scheduled for several tests. The international wing of this hospital is quite nice. I’ve visited hotel rooms in the United States with fewer amenities.

The duty doctor informed me last night before bed that one of my preliminary tests indicated a clot may be present in my body. So they’ve scheduled me for a full body CT scan at 10:30 a.m. The nurses have been pumping me full of drugs for about 12 hours, and it’s the first morning in several days I haven’t woken up with a migraine. Something must be working.

I admit, staying overnight in the hospital for medical testing is not inside my comfort level. I think the last time I was admitted to the hospital, I was 14 years old. But I guess it’s better to be thoroughly checked for potential illness rather than gambling with my health on a 24-hour airplane ride.

I hope to be out of here soon and ready to fly home in a few days. I’m confident everything will be OK, and I’ll be back to full speed soon.

Until tomorrow, Victoria.

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