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tea It's our last night in Kottaym and we'll be departing for Allepy tomorrow morning.

We've been in Kerala about two weeks; we're halfway through the trip.

I've learned many things on this trip so far, and I'd like to share the enlightenment I've received at the midpoint of this journey.

First, I am much more comfortable at home than I realized.  I cannot wait to get home to my own bed and my own bathroom where all the items I need are waiting for me, and all the knobs and buttons connected to the showers and toilets make sense.

I've learned India has the most delicious coffee and tea on the planet, and when I get home I want to incorporate an afternoon tea observance into my day.


I've realized that as busy as I believed I was before I left for India, I really wasn't that busy at all.

I've learned that I will never again experience road rage in the United States because our roads and drivers are actually quite organized by comparison to southern India.

I've learned that when you're tired enough, you can sleep well on a bare mattress with one sheet.

I've learned when you're covered in sweat and dirt from ancient temples, cold water bucket baths can be the savior of your day.

I've learned shaving your legs is optional.

I've learned to appreciate shoes and clean feet, since we spend much of our days barefoot. 

I've learned that when you're without air conditioning, you won't die. And that it's normal, and even humorous, for bugs and lizards to share your space.

I've learned that when you drink a lot of water, your skin clears up.

I've learned that Indian people are not driven by money, but by a sense of doing what's right. 

I've learned we are more similar than dissimilar to even those seemingly foreign people.

I've learned that laughter and music and dancing has the power unite everyone.

I've learned that I want to come back to India.

Until tomorrow, Victoria.

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