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Before we went to bed last night my daughter’s friend told us, “I’ll come back by at 4:00am to watch the meteor shower.” I didn’t believe it and I even said in a very sarcastic tone, “Yeah right!”

So, when I woke up at 5:00am I was impressed that there was an extra kid in the house.

What I don’t understand is how on any other day I can’t get my kids up before noon but let something exciting happen in the sky and even the neighbor’s kids are up and over at 4:00am. They won’t be motivated by alarms or momma but they will obey the heavens. I guess I can't be too insulted.

We all crawled out on the top of the patio and watched the sky. I saw three meteorites before deciding that I didn’t want to be attacked by the dew so I came back inside and tried unsuccessfully to go to sleep. (Too much on my mind: Elkind, play, testing, early childhood education...that's another post.)

Truth: Kids can wake up early if there’s something exciting worth waking up for.

How to use that to our advantage is the challenge. No!!! I have to reprogram my brain and quit that mindset. I could write a whole book on how I battle daily with first reactions based on fear and "that's just the way it is" vs trust and "letting go and letting Life." Maybe it's more of a what would serve me in the classroom and make my students get better grades on a state mandated test vs creating a relaxed and happy home.

Every day can’t be exciting. If a meteor shower happened every morning it would get old. (I just had to share a glimpse of the torture caused by shifting pedagogical paradigms.)

Did anyone else see some meteorites?

I love the phrase "let go and let God" or "let go and let Learning."

(I haven't had coffee)