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I have a friend who recently prepared Manwich for her family. This friend doesn’t follow directions very well so when she realized that the meat to sauce ratio didn’t look right she improvised by adding some Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce to obtain the perfect Manwich viscosity.

Her husband, being the connoisseur of redneck cuisine, was disgusted when he tasted the altered meal. The redneck ambrosia had been tampered with! He commented that something wasn’t right and pushed his plate away. Of course upon hearing their dad’s complaining the children's taste buds followed suit and became equally disgusted with dinner.

It’s funny how we expect our children to eat everything we serve them without complaint but as soon as dad doesn’t like something mutiny is permitted at the dinner table. Why do menus have to be altered for one person’s sophisticated taste buds?

My question is, “How do you ruin Manwich?” You make it more Manwichy?

She will have to make another batch. Making Manwich is hard work, especially if you forget to thaw the ground beef...

If you don’t like Manwich and you feel compelled to comment on how my friend should prepare something more appetizing I have it on good authority that my friend would tell you that you aren’t the one who has to eat it. She would even add an emoticon to express her feelings. It would look like: =P

Anyway, I just had to post and share my friend’s frustrations.