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This is a list of free math practice or instructional websites that were suggested by some wonderful local homeschool moms. We compiled and published these links to the Homeschool Victoria web site under Educational Resources to help families and homeschool families as they learn at home. Of course, there are thousands of websites out there that do a better job of organizing educational sites by subject and displaying those links but these were a few of the links that local homeschool families were using and enjoying at the time:

FREE MATH resources and links:

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Math practice and instruction for pre-k all the way through high school.

HippoCampus "Your free one-stop educational resource" Homeschool families are using this site and others like it to help their students prepare for AP exams. It includes Algebra, Calculus, and Physics instruction. I read in an article that you should check with the College Board to get more information and to register for AP tests. (I haven't utilized AP instruction and exams in my home. I might be the local homeschool slacker, I don't know.)

I just found this on a homeschool mom's blog. It's free video math instruction via YouTube. It looks very promising! Browse the topic list at Khan Academy.

Cool Math "Bored with math? Cool Math can fix that!" Also check out Cool Math for Kids and Cool Math GAMES

BrainPOP Math Fun instructional videos. At one time all of the videos were free but only a few are now.


Games can accomplish the same goals as work sheets so if your child isn't having fun with math consider putting down the workbook and playing games for Math instead. No downloads required:

Multiflyer - Multiplication FUN online. It looks like only the multiplication practice is free.

Math Magician Games - by way of Quiz Hub

Math U See Drill Page - choose which fact family and operations you would like to practice*

Math Brain on Funbrain - Math games. This reminds me of Trivial Pursuit in that as the child completes various activities he advances along the virtual board.

*I included some drills with the math games because my children always thought (I had brainwashed them) that if it happened on the computer then it was fun and exciting aka a video game! Sadly, once they got to the age where they they played World of Warcraft or Diablo they didn't think educational computer games doubled as video game time anymore. Hindsight... D=

Interesting Physics Sites:

Amusement Park Physics

Funderstanding Roller Coaster

Skateboarding Science I've seen some amazing sites out there that combine skateboarding with math and science unfortunately this isn't one of those. But, if you know of any more please share. (I had a skateboarder but one skateboarding ticket and one driver's license later who knows where all those old skateboards are!)

Here comes the part where I plead for help. Please share any instructional and or fun math links that you may know of so that when and if I get a round tuit I can include them on the little HSV website. That's really lazy of me, I know, but that's me. =P

I'm focusing on math right now, however, this chemistry site was sent out through Twitter by @thinkwell and I thought it was so cool that I had to share! Chemistry of Cooking! Browse that page for awhile.