Blogs » Learning in Freedom » I would eat bugs if you dared me.


And I would enjoy it!

When I was a little girl, my favorite flavor was butterscotch. I remember sitting in the back of my grandmother’s car holding a red mesh bag stuffed full of butterscotch candy. I ate all of that candy in one sitting. Coincidentally, I came down with a stomach virus that evening. What had willingly gone in earlier that day… well, you get the idea.

I didn’t eat butterscotch candy or anything with butterscotch most of my life until I married a man who loved butterscotch. I convinced him to taste guacamole, biggest mistake of my life, and he challenged me to taste butterscotch again. I now love like butterscotch!

It took fifteen years for my brain to let go of the association between butterscotch and the desperate and unanswered prayers of a little girl.

I was never a picky eater. You guys have seen me brag about how I will eat raw oysters, eggplant, and sushi, but because of a crossed wire in my brain, I couldn’t stomach butterscotch most of my life. Who knows what experiences cause us to enjoy or dislike certain foods?

Psychology may have some pretty fascinating explanations about how memories can affect our likes and dislikes. I guess what goes on in the brain is more important than what actually happens on the tongue.

Speaking of tongues, did you know that some people have more taste receptors on theirs? Some people can detect flavors that others can not. Consider this if you have a picky child. Click here for more information on "super tasters," "medium tasters," and "non-tasters." I find this fascinating!
You can tell your picky eater that he is a "super-taster." Say it like you would say, Superman. What was thought of as a super power struggle at supper can be thought of as a super POWER.

After reading about the three different types of tasters, I suspected I was a “non taster” because of my love of foods that hurt, like wasabi (the green stuff, not the car), horseradish, jalapenos… I assumed that because I lacked some taste receptors that I was trying to fill in the gaps with an extra flavor: spicy. I’ve read that non-tasters are able to enjoy spicy foods more than “medium-tasters” or “super-tasters.”

However, while enjoying a meal seated at a small table right on the River Walk, which I demanded, I asked my picky hubby, “What is that red metal taste that rides on the top of the creamy flavor?” He looked at me like I was crazy, so I refuse to believe that I am a “non-taster.” I enjoy the taste of good food too much! I’ll settle for being a “medium-taster” with over-active olfactory glands and a high tolerance for pain.

I can tolerate the Blazin’ wings at Buffalo Wild Wings! I only did it on a dare. I only ate one and it caused my left eye to water profusely for about an hour. I would do it again if challenged.

I am going to tweak my answer: I am a COMPETITIVE "super taster" with a high tolerance for pain, hyper-olfactory glands, 99% positive memories associated with food, and -this one is important- a gut of steel. I know this because, as long as they taste good, the idea of eating bugs doesn't bother me at all: Why not eat bugs?

Do you think admitting THAT should demote me to "non taster?" What if I can imagine the bugs as tiny flying cows with two extra legs? It's all in the mind. =P