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I don’t know if you guys have heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs but back when I was a "future teacher" we had to familiarize ourselves with this pyramid so that we could understand that if a child wasn’t eating or breathing we shouldn’t expect that child to learn much. The most basic physiological needs need to be met before we can expect more complex needs or goals to be achieved. Now that’s a very simplified version.

I thought I would create my own Herarchy of Needs to help couples as they try to work their way up Maslow’s pyramid towards self actualization this Valentine’s Day.


If the man does not fulfill the most basic need for chocolate and flowers there is no way that the conversation level will ever be reached. Sometimes just lingering at the conversation level might help you skip over some levels just in case you forget the chocolate. That was a joke.

Notice that the whole pyramid is dipped in chocolate? That's a clever trick to help you remember its importance. It's a trick we use in education, well, it's something I make use of here in my home - eating chocolate helps me think.

Anyway, don’t forget to shower your special someone, even if it’s yourself, with something dipped in chocolate this Valentine’s Day.