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I knew my eight year old was finished with his "school" when he shouted across the house, "I beat Billy F. two times already and I'm ranked ninth in the world!"

This was a big deal. Billy F. had over a hundred thousand points and was ranked numero uno IN THE WORLD ...

...of Carrot Sticks.

You guys know I'm always trying to find ways to make learning fun. Fun and learning are the goals here in my homeschool. It's the rebel in me. Well, I don't try too hard. I've been lazy lately so I send my children to the educational games that teachers post over on Twitter.

I have to say that the latest one is my all time favorite! Well, my son's favorite. Our favorite.

Check it out CarrotSticks Online Math Games

Of course, I tried to play Carrot Sticks first. I created a little avatar or a character: a little girl with brown hair, t-shirt with a red heart on it, and blue jeans. I thought it was an accurate representation of me as she was squatty. Immediately children from all over the world began challenging me to a battle. A battle of math skills.

I refused all challenges because I didn't think it was fair. Getting my butt kicked by children early in the morning just wasn't on the agenda.

Finally my eight year old woke up and the gaming began. Well, the gaming began after he brushed his teeth and we started the eggs. His favorite breakfast is deviled eggs.

He created a character:


Then the challenges came in!


Battles were fought:


I retweeted the link and even Facebooked it.

As my son was "gaming" he started to receive challenges from a few familiar names. Some other local homeschoolers were playing too! Isn't that funny? Small world.

It took my son awhile to accept challenges from girls. I thought that was cute.

This evening when I got back from dropping my daughter off at basketball practice my son had created another account and we battled.

He told me, "Mom, you really need to play this game because you haven't gone to school in awhile." I guess he lost confidence in my math skills when he had to take over the score keeping during our game of darts last night.

At least I will have fun with my review. Join us! Just jump right in and create a character. Challenge my son as he is presently ranked number ten IN THE WORLD...

...of Carrot Sticks.