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I totally forgot about Fibonacci Day, but I will remember this day. It involves responsibilities. Instead of just pointing to the date and saying, "Cool," I'm asked to do something.

I've actually moved in a ring in my family's Thanksgiving-food-preparation circle of trust. For years I had been on corn duty, but this year I am entrusted with a dish that involves some thinking: green bean casserole. I get to make some decisions now like, "should I add an extra cup of cheese?" It's in the oven as I type - con queso! I'm moving closer and closer to the center, towards The Turkey. I've come a long way from my start as the person in charge of the can of cranberries.

My husband has worked Thanksgiving Day for years, so Thanksgiving for me is visiting family - with my corn and my children in tow. I regret that the past few years have brought me stress. I always had two places to be at the same time. This will be my first Thanksgiving without my Granny and my third (?) Thanksgiving without my D-mom. I should have cherished those moments with my loved ones instead of allowing myself to be stressed. Stress is selfish. Mine was.

Black Friday is OUR family Thanksgiving and I will make everything, including homemade creamed style corn and green bean casserole. Hubby will be on turkey duty. Yes, my husband is one of those men who fries a turkey at Thanksgiving - well, he fries a turkey on Black Friday after he does his shopping. He's a warrior-type.

You think it's too late to buy a turkey or will there be a Black Friday Special on turkeys at H.E.B?

Anyway, I just thought I would wish you all a "Happy Thanksgiving" and remind you to give your grandma and grandpa an extra hug or two! Hug everyone because people don't last forever.

I do make amazing pumpkin rolls for Thanksgiving and Christmas each year so I'm not that bad of a cook! I take a pumpkin roll every where I go.