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...and they'll teach YOU how to use it.

The other day I received an incoming call on my cell phone. The number that was displayed was unfamiliar. When I answered it, I could hear my own voice echoing, “Hello?” I listened closely and detected little giggles that also seemed to echo. One layer of the echo was coming from down the hallway. I followed that echo and heard the sound of little feet running in the opposite direction. I realized that I was being pranked by a member of my own household.

I thought, “maybe my nine year old was using his big brother’s or his big sister’s cell phone to prank-call me and had found a way to obscure the number on caller ID.” When the perpetrator came into view, I realized that he was not using a phone, but his early birthday gift, an iPod.

I knew that his iPod could take pictures and video, but I didn’t know that he could use it to make phone calls.

Later, he asked if he could take my picture. A sense of paranoia and vanity filled me as I quickly fixed my hair. After he took the picture, he linked it to my cell phone number.

One of the reasons we bought my nine year old his own iPod was because he was always using mine to play Wordfeud with us. The whole family is constantly competing with each other in this electronic game of Scrabble.

My husband has always loved Scrabble. He said that when he was growing up, there was always a Scrabble board on the hallway table and everyone in his house would take a turn on their way out to work or school. Instead of a Scrabble board on the hallway table, we all have some type of handheld device with the application. My hubby beats me AT WORDFEUD by hundreds of points.

Guess who is the grand-champion of Wordfeud in our family? It's not me or hubby, it's our 15 year old. She is whipping up on all of us.

I considered Wordfeud a wonderful educational “video game.” Sadly, now that my son has his own iPod, Wordfeud isn’t his game of choice anymore.

But back to the iPod as a phone. Now we are trying to figure out how to use his iPod to make phone calls while we are out of the country. It might actually save us some money!

I'll see after I call Sprint and compare the cruise ship's WiFi prices...

(I gots to scoot. My nine year old is so excited about our vacation that he wants to pack NOW. But first, he wants me to set up BUMP so that he can transfer some of the applications he installed on my iPod to his iPod.)