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To comma or not to comma? However you punctuate it, it’s true. If you are homeschooling or interested in what all is available for the families “teaching their own” in and around Victoria, Texas, there is one date you need to save: August 23rd. It’s the date of the CHEC (Crossroads Home Educated Children) Annual Activity Fair.

In my house, we call this first meeting-of-the-year “the sign-up meeting.” It’s where we go to make sure our children don’t miss out on any of the homeschool activities or opportunities available to homeschooled children. From Upwards Sports to homeschool tennis classes to guitar lessons… many opportunities all in one room, which is very convenient.

Go to the activity fair to make sure your children are signed up to receive the 2011-2012 CHEC yearbook or to see if there is an opening on the yearbook staff. Go to the meeting to sign up for school pictures. School pictures for homeschooled students? Yes! Pre-schoolers to high school seniors will have their mugs in this full-color hard-back yearbook.

Don't miss out. The Crossroads Home Educated Children Activity Fair will be held this Tuesday, August 23, at Parkway Baptist Church, from 7:00pm-9:00pm.

More information on homeschooling in Victoria, Texas:

Crossroads Home Educated Children ( is Victoria's oldest and only local nonprofit homeschool support organization. Join Crossroads Home Educated Children to be placed on their e-mail list so that you will not miss out on opportunities that come up throughout the year. I just received an e mail about a high school transcript workshop put on by an amazing mom who has experience with creating high school transcripts for her homeschooled high school graduates. Also, I look forward to receiving information on the annual homeschool prom. (Not as much as my teen.)

Did you know that local homeschoolers have their own competitive sports program? Victoria Cobra Athletics ( offers volleyball, basketball, and now... FOOTBALL. This organization also hosts an annual basketball tournament which draws homeschool teams from San Marcos, Houston, San Antonio... Go Cobras!

On another note, though probably not represented at the CHEC Activity Fair, Victoria has an amazing support network for area Catholic homeschool families. There are also other "word of mouth" opportunities that you will only discover after you plug-in and get involved in the homeschool community.

For information on the legalities of home education in Texas, visit Texas Home School Coalition (

For free online support for families in and around Victoria County, visit Homeschool Victoria ( and join the Homeschool Victoria Yahoo! Group.

I’ll give you more information later. Today, I have to get everything ready for our first NOT BACK TO SCHOOL day, which will be tomorrow.

P.S. I won't be able to make the annual sign-up meeting as the Lady Cobras have an out of town volleyball game. So, if you go, educate me on some of the things I might have missed.