Blogs » Learning in Freedom » Body Piercings (speaking of dress codes)


On the way home from the Edna high school volleyball tournament yesterday, my daughter asked if she could get her bellybutton pierced.

::insert long pause for dramatic effect::

As I've bragged and taunted here every time the topic of the V.I.S.D. dress code has come up, I am glad that we live free of dress codes. I don't care if we learn in our pajamas.

Between sporting events and banquets, homeschool prom, formal dinners, and jobs, my children have had and will have plenty of opportunities to play "dress up."

Even though they live without a dress code, I am confident that my children will be flexible enough to move between pajamas and formal wear, depending on the occasion. It doesn't take a dress code to ensure this; it takes caring enough about something to make sure all the requirements, including dress, are met.

Anyway, back to the conversation in the car. My nine year old recorded it on his iPod. It went like this:

DD: "Can I get my bellybutton pierced?"

Me: "Yes. You can get your bellybutton pierced when you are eighteen."

DD: "Eighteen!?!?!"

Me: "I can't allow you to make a decision to put permanent marks on your body or holes in your skin as a minor. I'm responsible for you. You can make those decisions when you are an adult."

DD: "I will. I'm going to get my eyebrow pierced, my nose pierced...."

Dad: ::interrupting:: "Do it. I'll laugh at you."

DD: " tongue pierced."

Me: "There are other things that you can pierce, you know."

DD: "GROSS MOM! Shut up! That is disgusting!"

Anyway, we were reminded of this conversation again because my youngest son played it back to us on his iPod in "mouse-mode." It made the above conversation sound like a scene from The Dysfunctional Chipmunks.