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I told you all that I brined a turkey this Thanksgiving. I didn’t include that I drove my turkey, brine and all, to the Hill Country to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner with a friend I met and have kept since we were both in fifth grade. My friend and I cooked everything (almost from scratch) using some of her mother’s favorite recipes.

After our nostalgic dinner, we all decided to hit the town to see a movie. The men took the small children to see The Muppets and the women and the teen-age girl went to see Breaking Dawn. (Breaking Dawn was too mature for the younger girls.)

“Eat, Drink, and be Movied” was the slogan of this movie theater. It had a full menu and even served wine and beer. Great concept, but it was the most bathroomest-breaking audience I have ever been a part of.

The first time I read the last book of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, I was impressed with the pro-life elements. I was reminded of those as I watched the movie.

Have there ever been other characters in a popular teen movie or in teen literature who were as pro-life as Bella and Rosalie?

Anyway, the Twilight Saga is taking so long to complete that I compared it to Star Wars and warned our daughter that Breaking Dawn, parts 4, 5, and 6, might not be completed until she was in her thirties. The books were a quick read, but the movies are taking up many years of our lives. So many, that I fear my daughter lost interest along the way.

I wish that I could find another book series that would bring me and my daughter closer. We spent months reading the Twilight Saga side by side on our porch swing.

I think "Midnight Sun" would be more fun for me. What I have read of it was more entertaining. I would much rather view the world through the eyes of a hungry vampire than a teen-age girl. =P

We are currently reading The Hunger Games trilogy - not side by side, but at the same time. D= My ten year old refuses because he is very sensitive and I fear that just telling him the plot traumatized him.

We are excited that a movie based on The Hunger Games is in the works. It's always fun to see who Hollywood will select to represent the characters that we have created in our imaginations. It's even more fun to gripe and complain about those selections.

We are betting that, like everything else, the book will be better than the movie!