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The last three books I have started reading with my ten year old have all mysteriously disappeared. The Giver, things were getting ominous; Hatchet, the poor kid was starving; and The Whipping Boy, we were right where the prince and whatshisface got captured...

I didn't think much about it until I searched the house out loud, "Where is Hatchet? I can't find it anywhere!"

My 19 year old informed me that he's heard me griping about other lost books. "Christian, are you hiding your books so mom won't make you read them!?"

He suggested that we give The Chronicles of Narnia a try. My oldest enjoyed that series back when he was about ten years old. He also enjoyed the American Adventure series and he collected Hardy Boy books. If all of Narnia disappears or the Hardy Boys run away, maybe we can try Eragon.

I wonder if Harry Potter books would magically disappear? Maybe we could learn some Latin words and make up our own magical spells. The first spell will be the one to make hidden books reappear.

"Occulta laxo!" ::fooP::

Google Translate is fun! ;)

But, seriously, my home library is outdated. What books would you recommend for a ten year old boy who doesn't really enjoy reading alone?