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I’m not going to kid myself. Social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc., have all allowed me to free my inner didactic narcissist. My favorite way to utilize sites like Facebook is to “share” links to the articles that support all of my pet-peeve opinions. “Take that, supporter of high stakes testing!” *

While my inner-didactic is being fed over on social networking sites, there’s a big part of me that is being neglected. It is that part of me that prefers visual stimulus over black and white text.

Recently, I have found a site that speaks, not only to the didactic narcissist, but to that part of me that would rather look at an image than read about it. It’s and it’s all about “pinning” images from sites I like instead of posting text from those sites. If I like what other people have pinned, I can click on the image to read more about it. If I like what I read, I can pin it to my own board and make it look like it was my idea.

If it looks good, I will bake it. The last four meals that I have cooked for my family have been from pictures of food that other people have “pinned” on one of their Pinterest boards.

Here's a tiny image of what I see when I sign into Pinterest:


I can glance over the images on my home page and decide "Do I want to bake that? Do I want to make that? Do I want to try cleaning my clothes like that?" without reading!

My favorite boards are the recipe boards, the interior design boards, and the drink boards.

Don't ask me if Pinterest has actually improved my life. I'm still in the "pin" collecting and organizing phase.

There are some amazing Christmas decorating tips and even some DIY homemade Christmas gift ideas over on Pinterest. So go check it out.

If it’s my latest obsession, it should be yours too. =P

*Seriously, my latest favorite article is from the Washington Post. It’s about a school board member who was dared to take the standardized tests that were required of the public school high school students. Even though he has a master’s degree and is very close to obtaining his doctorate, he… well, do you think he passed the high school test? Look it up. Let’s just say that he came away wondering what we are doing to our students – telling them they aren’t college material because of these tests… ! I’ll pin the link it to My Favorite Educational Ideas and Links board over on Pinterest alongside pins to articles (links) by Peter Gray, Ken Robinson, Temple Grandin, Vi Hart, J.K. Rowling…

You think I could trim off the mention of the article? No. It's not in my nature.