Blogs » Learning in Freedom » Slow Motion - Sigur Rós "Staralfur" (video)


One evening I was bored so I began to follow tweeted links and ended up at an interesting article, “Slow Down,” over at The Beautiful Brain. It was a little write-up about how our perception of time can be distorted when we watch a slow-motion scene in a movie. It included a video montage which only took a few seconds to watch.

The song from the video is "Staralfur" by the Icelandic band, Sigur Rós.

It's the ethereal sound of transitioning from a water sign to an air sign, which helps me as I suffer this zodiacal identity crisis.

There's really no crisis; I'm planning on Scorpifying Libra. I still have the key to my old house. Let the pillaging begin! Oh, wait, maybe I should ask everyone how they feel about that course of action, and then weigh my options before I plan my revenge. How is that for blending the two signs?