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Yesterday was the first homeschool girls’ volleyball practice. It was a subtle reminder that a new school year is about to begin. That means I need to create a list of subjects that I would like to add to my daughter’s high school transcript. I must warn the citizens of Victoria that one of those subjects might be…

…Driver’s Education.

Around this time next year, my daughter might have her driver’s license. That’s two Rebecca Juniors on the road, folks. Luckily, one will be tearing up the pavement and sand in Corpus Christi, as an Islander, by the time the other is driving around Victoria.

I can’t imagine my Baby G driving any other vehicle than her Little Tyke’s “car car," or her Barbie car. About twelve years ago, my two oldest (and only children at the time) drove that Barbie car to the Tanglewood Pool. We were walking distance from our neighborhood pool. I miss that.

Driver's Education won't be the only new course this coming school year. I'm thinking of adding Television Viewing to our curriculum. I was impressed with all the educational programs I could get through Netflix, especially the programs from the History Channel. Crazy as it sounds, I think we will be watching television for history.

I'll start my free month of Netflix as soon as we get back from our family cruise.