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When my oldest was twelve years old, he gave me some advice that I will never forget. I was going through a really bad time and he told me, "Don't worry about what people think. The people who know you the best love you the most." Isn’t that good advice from a child?

That child is now nineteen and has been working one or two jobs since he was fifteen. Recently, focusing on one job caused him to lose the other. He was very disappointed in himself. He had disappeared into his room and eventually I went in to console him. He told me, “Mom, I only let things bother me for a short time, then I don’t let them bother me anymore.” I was more upset about the incident than he was. I later overheard him talking to a friend. He took full responsibility for the incident and placed 100% of the blame on himself - no excuses; he owned up.

I wonder how I - with all my insecurities, my extreme sensitivity, and my lack of confidence - birthed this amazing, forgiving, resilient, adventurous person. I know he wasn't switched at birth because he looks just like me, only much taller and much slimmer. For a time our voices were similar, but now his is a booming bass.

He had nature and nurture against him…

Now for the good news: He will be finished with all his basics at Victoria College and will be going OFF to college in the Spring.

Could you tell from my hints in the comment section a few weeks ago where he will be going off to school?

Guess what his major is.

Now is THAT nature or nurture?