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It was wild taking all the drama of the VicAd-Online comment section with me to my nine year old's soccer game this morning. I imagined all the fights happening in the bottom of my purse. Yes, I finally got one of dem der fancy phone-a-ma-jigs. I'm still in the explore-tweak-play phase, so bear with me, we've never had a data plan before. I'm finding it hard to type in complete sentences or to keep a thought in my head for very long. Also, the keyboard on this laptop seems gigantic now that I have grown accustomed to typing on the display screen of my phone.

My husband and I both upgraded to the HTC EVO from phones that were so old we were laughed at by everyone in the store. How old were they? My phone had an antenna. (My daughter upgraded to a Samsung Triumph.)

I love the EVO because it is similar to my iPod Touch, which I liked, and which made me doubt that I would like any phone but the iPhone. I have to admit that I love my EVO! The apps that I enjoyed on my iPod, I now have on my EVO.

The negatives are that it's not holding a charge as long as my old phone. I can't stick my iPod-like phone on my iPod dock so that I can listen to Pandora Radio. The EVO won't replace the iPod in that regards. Also, the EVO is pretty big and won't fit into my case that straps to my arm. I use The case with my iPod so that I can listen to audio books when I go walking. Ok, I only go walking three times a month... I secretly want an iPad, but it ain't going to happen on my salary.

I can't find anyone to Skype with and no one to stalk on Latitude, because everyone else here is now addicted to Angry Birds. My husband and my nine year old have been playing day and night (one night and one day) since we bought the phones. I even downloaded Google Chrome so we could install Angry Birds on my laptop. That kept the nine year old off of my EVO.

Here are two pictures that I took with my laptop of me with my phone taking a picture of me:

That sounded really narcissistic...

I have more complaining, bragging, and editing to do here, but I need to take a quick road trip. I'm taking my EVO and using it like a Garmin, just because I can!