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Yesterday was the 2011 Homeschool Graduation Ceremony. Ten graduates donned cap and gown and took part in this event. I think ten to twelve graduates is about the average each year. There have been a few years where the number of graduates was great enough to make the event invitation only, because of limited seating.

Last year, when my oldest son graduated high school, he was one of twelve graduates. It was nice to, once again, calmly observe the ceremony far from the front row.

I shared with you last year about how each homeschool graduate prepares a slide show made up of a song or two which plays in the background as images are shown from throughout the graduate’s life - baby images to field trips and family vacations to sporting events to prom all the way to images of the graduate dressed in cap and gown.

The slide show is shown right before the parents and the graduate take the stage. The parents attempt to give a little speech and then they hand the diploma to their graduate. Sometimes the graduate gives the speech. Last year, when my son graduated, my husband was so choked up that I had to read part of his speech for him.

It’s a very emotional time, understandably, even if you are just observing from the middle or back rows.

The first homeschool graduation that I attended was back when one of the Poirrier children graduated. He did a standing back flip on stage after accepting his diploma. There are always those graduates who stand out.

I’m getting pretty good at holding back my tears each year. I consider it quite an accomplishment that I only cried three or four ... maybe five times yesterday: once when Mrs. Ellie (Ellie Poirrier) was mentioned, a second time when she was mentioned by another family, and … she must have been in a few of the images in most of the slide shows…

Mrs. Ellie wasn’t seated in the auditorium, but she was there, not only in the hearts and minds of many in the audience but in the images shown by the graduates. I bet she makes an appearance in those homeschool graduation slide-shows for at least ten more years. She will be in my daughter’s slide show when my daughter graduates...

A few of her students are currently teaching art, so you can see that Mrs. Ellie is still touching lives.

I didn’t mean to write about Mrs. Ellie, but I couldn’t mention the homeschool graduation ceremony without mentioning her.

This year, a few graduates stood out. One graduate took his guitar on stage and performed the music as his slide show played, one gave an amazing speech during which he elected himself as class president and then resigned as class president before leaving the stage, and one included his amazing artwork in his slideshow...