Blogs » Learning in Freedom » SixthSense - Will pencil and paper be replaced by technology?


After reading "Goodbye to Cursive Writing?" I mused that pencil and paper would one day be a thing of the past, like the slate.

Though we use as much technology as we can for school, we have devolved back to the use of slate. Do you think a dry-erase board could be considered a giant white slate? We use dry-erase boards and a bucket of multicolored dry-erase markers for computation and note taking.


Instead of pencil and paper being replaced by technology, imagine everyday objects serving as your laptop display. Imagine your hand as a mouse. With a simple gesture you could "select" a portion of text from a hardback book on one side of your desk and "drag" it through the air and "drop" it onto your laptop display (a blank sheet of paper) on the other side of your desk.

Your world could be a whiteboard, sketchpad, or blank slate.

That was the topic of Pranav Mistry's presentation at 2009 TedIndia, "The Thrilling Potential of Sixth Sense Technology."

So pencil and paper might not be replaced by technology; it might become a part of it.

Do not fear that technology will replace pencil and paper. Sometimes, technology reminds you of "the good old ways." It was an electronic game of Scrabble that encouraged my family to dig out the old fashioned Scrabble board game.