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The Victoria Cobra Athletics high school boys and girls basketball teams traveled (giggle) to Springfield, Missouri, to compete in the 21st Annual National Christian Home School Basketball Tournament which took place from March 19th to March 24th. Thirty venues, including Missouri State University, hosted games played by homeschool teams from all over the nation.

My daughter, Kelsey #22, plays on the VCA girls high school team. They won fourth in their division.

Even though only two Victoria teams competed in the tournament, there were several homeschooled students from Victoria who competed in this national event. At the NCHSB tournament, a student doesn't need to be a part of a team to compete. Individual players form teams right before the tournament begins. The Lady Cobras actually competed against one of these “Team U.S.A.” teams.

This was my first time to have a child participate in a national homeschool tournament and I was very impressed. I was impressed with the city and the venues and how inviting and homeschool-friendly the community of Springfield was. Even the mayor of Springfield spoke at one of the events. (I was also impressed with Hemingway's Blue Water Cafe located inside Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World.)

My biggest regret is that we didn’t place Christian, our ten year old, on a “Team U.S.A.” team so that he could compete in a "10 and under” division. It would have been hectic having two different kids on two different teams at nationals, like a few Victoria families did, but we would have met more homeschool families. We will put him on a team NEXT year!

On the last night, most of the high school students stayed up until morning. I was told that it was a "nationals" tradition. Needless to say, only the adults were awake in the caravan back to Texas.

The Victoria Lady Cobras are the third team down on the right side of the program.