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I told you all that my eleven year old plays football for the local homeschool football team, the Victoria Cobras? Actually, the homeschool football team plays what is called “six-man football.” I don't know anything about football so it looks the same to me, except that there are less people on the field during a game.

The Victoria Cobras have played private schools out of Houston and San Antonio this season, so though I had never heard of six-man football, it isn’t all that rare. Our schedule is pretty full.

Now that there is a local homeschool football team there is a local homeschool homecoming game and dance. Though this year will be the second year that the Cobras have had a homecoming dance, this is my son's first time to play in a homecoming game and to attend the homecoming dance as one of the (junior high) football players. Good thing Cobra colors are the same as St. Joseph’s and Yoakum’s, because I didn’t see the Victoria Cobra’s homecoming date listed at Hobby Lobby while I was shopping for all things mum and boutonniere.

I have to thank the local community for their support of the Victoria Cobras. This was the second year that Cobra athletes were able to sell raffle tickets to help defray the cost of participating in the homeschool sports program. The fees are pretty high and include referee fees, gym rentals, tournament fees, uniforms, etc. Know that your donations were greatly appreciated and that they went right back to the community.

Wish us luck against West Columbia Christian Academy!

Finally, for all you homeschoolers who love sports or science, don't miss out on Space Center Houston's Sports-"Tacular" Homeschool Day. Learn about the science behind your favorite sports, Wednesday, October 3. Here is the link for details: