The Advocate's new blog setup allows users to encode basic HTML directly into their posts. So, I decided I would write a couple blogs about some common HTML code that is easy to use and remember, at least for me. :)

If these first couple blogs generate any interest, I may continue the series but open it up to questions from you.

First, why embed a URL in a blog post?

Well, it gives readers the option to go to the Web site you are referring to and see exactly what you're talking about. It saves them the time of having to search for the Web site for themselves. And also, among bloggers, it's a way to give a shout-out, or hat tip, to another blog or Web site and generate traffic their way, which builds online community between bloggers.

For a writer, it also reduces confusion. People can see exactly what you're talking about instead of trying to find it on the Internet and maybe going to the wrong Web page.

So, without further delay, embedding URLs.

First, let's look at the code:

<a href="URL address">Text describing URL</a>

Now, let's break it down. The beginning of the code, shown below, lets the program reading the code, or the browser, know you're about to include a link.

<a href="URL address">
The "a href=" always stays the same.

The part following the equal sign is the site's URL, or Web address. An example of a URL is

So, using Facebook as an example, this is how the first part of the code would look:

<a href="">

After you have the first part of the code complete, the next part tells the browser what text to associate with the URL you just entered.

So, I'll put the code into a sentence so that you can see what it would look like all together.

Check out my

<a href="">Facebook</a>

Which would look like this without forcing the browser to show the code:

Check out my Facebook page.

Also, because of the way the code uses the body text to embed a link, you start the code immediately before the words you want to turn into a usable link.

Let me know if you have any questions or if this post was helpful and you liked it.