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Image Anyone in the Crossroads area can see a live Metropolitan Opera without having to fly to New York; only get in your car and drive to Victoria Cinemark Theatre. I went to see the full stage production of Wagner’s ‘Das Rheingold’ in high definition. ‘Das Rheingold’ is based on Norse mythology about the Rheingold, the Rhinemaidens, Wotan with themes of power, greed, love and family. The story is an ancient one, but with themes still applicable today. I entered the theatre to sounds of an orchestra warming up, and people shuffling and murmuring as you would expect to hear at a live performance. I was given plenty of choices in superior seating because less then 20 people showed up. One opera aficionado said, “It’s nice to see a crowd this time. Over the summer, I was often the only one here.” This was a crowd? I wondered how empty the theatre looked over the summer!

This opera was powerful, exciting and highly entertaining. The production had a set of machine operated planks, and lighting and bubble effects activated by breath or sound. The camera shots and angles were amazing, and well choreographed. It was hard to believe it was live. The set’s machine operated planks were spectacular, as the huge planks moved slowly and gracefully and changed scenes with no pause or intermission. Colorful lighting and pattern effects, transformed the planks into the Rhine River, Wotan’s castle, the hot dusty depths of a cave, and a twisting surreal staircase. I was awestruck over the modern interpretations of old classic operas, and look forward to seeing more in the future.

So why isn’t anyone going? Well, the price of the ticket is high: Regular tickets are $22 (with discounts for seniors and kids). I found the cost worth every penny, as I was exposed to different music and a new form of art. It also felt pretty amazing to be part of something that millions around the world were experiencing in real time as well. Many in the Victoria audience even clapped along with the audience in New York, and I imagine, with the audiences worldwide.

Afraid you won’t understand what it is about? The ushers will hand you info on the production explaining the story, and subtitles are provided if the opera is in a different language. If you enjoy live theatre, powerful music, singing and beautifully crafted sets and costumes-then is the show for you. Do yourself a favor and go!


For More Info: For information about this season’s schedule and upcoming operas, please visit The next showing is on the 12th of December. Please go to to find out specific ticket prices and times.