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When I decided to go short with my next haircut, I researched different styles and wanted to make sure I found a professional for the job. I flipped through issue 17 of 101 Hairstyles, and found a few styles I liked. I elected to go to a student for my cut when I looked at the prices of styles I wanted, I saw prices range from $35 to $55 for just the cut! What if I wanted some color and it to be styled? How much was all this going to cost me?

I remembered a friend telling me about Victoria Beauty College, and how they do a wonderful job and the prices can not be beat. The college offers haircuts for $5, coloring for $30, manicures start at $5 and pedicures for $10.

There was something alluring to me about helping a student get their experience, and wondering, “Can they pull it off?” Imagine, being able to get a $55 haircut for $5! I couldn’t resist, and had to try. I figured if the worst case scenario happened, well I was only out $5 and my hair would grow back. When I walked in I immediately realized I was in a school and part of a learning environment; students with interesting hairstyles and colors were cutting hair, or being taught or practicing their techniques on mannequins. There was abuzz of activity everywhere.

I told the receptionist, I wanted to go short and she told me the price was only $5. I paid upfront and waited. I was a little nervous, but I liked the idea of being part of someone’s education, and I knew that my style preference was going to give someone else good practice. The atmosphere was busy, but fun with the radio playing. I enjoyed listening to the students singing along to their favorite songs and watching all the activity around me. In less then ten minutes, I was paired up with a student, who had a cute cut of her own. She told me she recently had 13 inches cut from her own hair, and that she and I had similar bone structures-so she had a good idea of what my cut would look like. I felt I was in good hands. Since I was going short (it turns out about 10 inches shorter), she reminded me about Locks of Love. Locks of Love is a charitable organization that needs donated hair to make wigs for children suffering from hair loss. I didn’t think about Locks of Love that day, and was glad she reminded me.

I decided to go for it, and drew quite a crowd when she made a long braid of my hair and then cut it. It was very liberating strangely enough. No more long hair to wash and try to style. No more long hair to get in the way of my face, and clear from drains. The cut I decided upon was a French style I had seen in the magazine. She kept this open, and consulted it from time to time. Instructors were called in in about three different occasions, but I felt very relaxed, as I could tell she was committed to doing a good job, and she took her time. Afterward, an instructor evaluated the cut, and told her to snip a few stray pieces to make sure everything was as it should be. The instructor asked me if I liked the cut, and I did, very much so. I left having had a truly fun experience and left looking much better (I thought) then going in and even had a long braid of hair to donate to children with hair loss. It only cost $5, but I left feeling like a million.


Info: Victoria Beauty College ph. (361) 575-4526

Locks of Love website