Blogs » Life is Good » What has happened to commitment?


I know a lady whose husband recently lost all of their savings, and found himself in legal trouble, due to his gambling addiction. This lady’s parents, siblings, and friends have urged her to leave him – to the point that they won’t talk to her because she made the decision to stay with him. They have four children.

When did our society begin to ridicule a person for sticking with their commitments? This lady vowed to stay with her husband until death. Yes, he has a real problem, and yes, it has hurt their family in a major way. But shouldn’t her decision be supported and help provided to this family?

The husband is in desperate need of help. Should she really turn from him? Using the Bible as a guide, this is not a reason for divorce. He has a sickness.

Geez! We live in a world that alienates loved ones in the blink of an eye. Sickness does occur. I believe that “sickness and in health” is not only referring to a physical ailment, but also depression, addiction, etc…What is wrong with our world? Have we turned into a self-centered, “me-first” society or what?