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Can the educated adults in Victoria please start posting comments because all I have been reading for the last week is babies wha wha' about how Mr. Rashid is Satan incumbent, how Victoria doesn’t like newcomers and how the Theatre Victoria is shameful for wanting to insure it keeps it’s audience and volunteers in tact. The truth is most of the comments I have been reading have been posted by people who have no dealings with the Theatre Victoria, its volunteers or Mr. Rashid directly. Nor are they in the know of everyday business within Theatre Victoria or VPAC.

As for the most recent “shameful” act of Mr. Rashid pulling an application for funds, if you were really in the know you would understand that none of the funds go to Theatre Victoria (again just so I am clear on this NO DISCRETIONARY FUNDS FROM THE HOTEL TAX WOULD GO TO THEATRE VICTORIA) they are for improvements to building, which houses not only Theatre Victoria but also, VBT, Bach Festival events, Concerts, ect. As this is a centre for the community I would think (and I am going of an educated guess here) that the board of the Theatre as well as VPAC would like some say in where the funds go (honestly flags and Marquees REALLY you are defending a plan to use public money for improving that…REALLY). That is not micro managing that is just savvy business and after all there is a business involved in this controversy or have we forgotten that.