Blogs » Man Bites Dog » Should Texas Leave No Child Left Behind...Behind?



With high-stakes testing and cuts to resources that teachers and students need to succeed, Texas schools are on the path to failure for meeting education standards set by former governor George Bush.

Texas Observer released a podcast today with staff writer Patrick Michels that looks at the high-stakes testing regimen in Texas, angry parents and failing students.

Texas didn't measure up very well in the latest federal ratings released earlier this month, the post states. In fact, more than 70 percent of Texas school districts didn't meet federal standards this year. Michels said the most interesting thing about this news is that it really shouldn't be news -- or surprising -- at all.

As Texas nears the 2014 deadline for No Child Left Behind, Michels' report explains that schools struggling to meet the 100 percent passing rates in math and reading assessments will inevitably be faced with failure.

Is it a sign that the charter schools are the only answer to a failing public school system, or more that the law was set up to make public schools fail?