• MelissaCrowe.

    As member of the Y generation in what you called the Millennials, I see it a bit differently.

    Victoria as well as the wider Crossroads area, is one of the least diverse areas in Texas. The question shouldn’t be asked about ‘GenY’. The issue should be and must about the attitudes of local Baby boomers and the older “conservative’ crowd. In the terms of laziness, we have problems with local government, school boards, and the like, but yet I do not a see a groundswell of the older generation taking charge, but only to appear on this site to whine, complain, and talk about “revolution’.

    There have been Gen Y’ers trying to organize and made attempts to address some issues only to be Bullied and disrespected on local forums such as this. Mrs. Jennifer Janak (29 years of age) of the local occupy movement shouldn’t be disrespected. You should speak about disrespect of Mayoral Candidate Chelle Nickerson by the older crowd and why not mention the late Marcus Puente of Yorktown who was a School Board member at 18 years of age and City Administrator at age 27 or 28? I hope that you will mention the rudeness by the Mayor of Victoria and the City Council towards Mr. Gilbert Servin and the condescending letter about Mr. Servin by Randy Magaro.

    Mr. J. Williams

    February 20, 2012 at 8:21 p.m.