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The city council had its first reading of an ordinance that would dole out $173,800 to local arts and historic preservation groups.

The funds came from hotel/motel taxes and are only allowed to be spent when an arts event or organization increases travel to Victoria that benefits hotels and motels.

Many applied, only seven were granted: Victoria Symphony, Victoria Bach Festival, Quilt Guild of Greater Victoria, Victoria Ballet Theatre, Museum of the Coastal Bend and Victoria Regional Museum.

During the public hearing portion of the reading, councilwoman Denise Rangel, proposed adding $100,000 to the appropriation -- which would ultimately send a committee of five community members back to the drawing board to decide who gets what. She made the proposal because the tax collections had grown and she wanted to pass it along/pay it forward.

According to an email from the city, this year’s budget is estimating hotel/motel fund collections are at $1,301,600. Legally, the city is limited to spending no more than 15 percent of total HOT (Hotel Occupancy Tax) funds on the arts (that benefit the hotel industry). So the maximum that can be spent currently is $195,240. The council voted to keep the amount flat from last year: $173,800.

Although her proposal was not voted on and died on the table without a second, I'm curious about what's important to you. How would you allocate the money?