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Despite numerous fires throughout the county last week, including a house fire in DeCosta, Victoria County Commissioners are giving residents one week to finish burning brush, grass and trash, before revisiting the topic at next Monday's meeting.

County Judge Don Pozzi said weather reports are predicting another dry year for Victoria County and worries what could happen if brush piles up in huge quantities. At the same time, he said he was concerned for the public's safety and volunteer fire fighters' safety when dealing with out-of-control burns.

Fire Marshal Ron Pray outlined some guidelines on his website, + Household trash burning in a barrel will be allowed as long as there is a screen on top consisting of holes no larger than 5/8” inch. + The area around the barrel should be cleared down to the soil or gravel. + All burning must be supervised and have readily available a means to control the fire. + The Victoria County Fire Marshal’s office must be notified of any acreage or pile burning during normal working hours (M-F, 8-5). + If the burning will be done after hours, the City of Victoria non-emergency dispatch should be notified at 573-3221. You will be asked to provide specific location, time, name, and contact number.

What are your thoughts? Should the burn ban remain lifted or be reinstated?