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During Monday's commissioners court meeting, two attorneys spoke out about increased security at Victoria County Courthouse. One said the security changes were "overboard," that he could walk through the San Antonio courthouse easier than he could Victoria's. The other offered suggestions to decrease delays by issuing special cards to courthouse employees that would allow them to bypass security.

I covered my first courthouse meeting in Victoria Jan 3, after the protocol changed. While taking off my shoes and jewelry seemed inconvenient, especially since I was just trying to do my job, it didn't flash any alarms.

I moved here from Tyler, where in 2005 a man opened fire outside the Smith County Courthouse, killing his ex-wife and a man who tried to intervene. From my perspective (I was not there at the time of the shooting), courthouse security could not have prevented that situation, unless the crime's location was different. After all, it was outside any metal detector or security guard. Training made the difference -- knowing how to quickly and responsibly handle stressful situations.