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The parents of a Weatherford third grader sued their school district after the school counselor and nurse allegedly forced the boy to shower.

Texas Monthly reported on the incident this morning. "What’s more embarrassing for a third grader? A school nurse calling you 'smelly' or your parents filing a federal lawsuit over the matter?"

Ask any school teacher and he or she will tell you, there is inevitably a "stinker" in every class. The details in the report are scarce -- "The parents claim the school counselor told their son he 'smelled badly, was dirty and that he had bad hygiene.'" And now the parents are suing for various tort claims, including invasion of privacy, assault, retaliation, battery, false imprisonment, and illegal search and seizure, according to TM.

The boy's body and ears were so sore and tender from being scrubbed, the parents pulled him out of school for a week, according to the article.

Surely there's some missing information here. It seems more and more teachers, counselors and school districts are making the news for essentially taking on the role of parents (including discipline, life skills and hygiene). Although the counselor and nurse's intentions may have been good, with the information presented in the story, they seem misplaced. On the other hand, if you're sore for a week after a shower, chances are you were long overdue.