Blogs » Man Bites Dog » City passes ordinance for an $8.3 million water meter project


Victoria City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to approve the final reading of an ordinance that calls for funding a multi-million dollar automated water meter reader system, referred to as AMRs. The council also approved a resolution authorizing City Manager Charmelle Garrett to to carryout the project through a partnership with with Chevron Energy Solutions Co, a division of Chevron, USA.

We wrote about the project earlier this month, when Public Works Director Lynn Short said it was years in the making.

"We’ve been studying and looking at AMRs for over 10 years now, waiting for a system to come along and be proven -- to be dependable and pay for itself," Short said. "I highly urge you to support this resolution and pass this ordinance."

The ordinance transfers about $1.5 million from the general fund to the street department and $2 million from the water wastewater fund to the water department. Short updated the council Tuesday with figures on the return on investment -- $11.3 million over 15 years.

"Chevron is guaranteeing that return on investment," Short said. "If we don’t (meet it), they’ll cut us a check. It’s in the contract."

Councilman Paul Polasek said the council's objective is to provide "a fair and equitable system where people pay for the water they’re using."

If you'd like to read more about the upcoming project, here's an overview the public work's department sent out Tuesday morning.