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Several explanations are floating around to Sunday's red dust storm that left behind a film of clay-colored dirt over everything in its path.
Referencing Homer's Iliad, some have called it "Blood Rain." Others have said it's from storms in Mexico, and one said it blew in from Saudi Arabia. When I answered a call from Marce Lucke Monday afternoon asking to speak with a reporter about the dust, I was eager to hear her reasoning behind the phenomenon.

"Santa Claus was getting ready to hitch up the reindeer...," she started.

Marce theorized that the reindeer had rolled in the grass to get the static out of their fur. As Santa gently brushed them, preparing them to be hitched up for their big night Tuesday, the dust blew everywhere, eventually landing in South Texas.

"It makes sense to me!" she said.

Although she admitted she did not have a direct line to Santa, and could not verify with the big guy up North, her qualifications include 84 Christmases, which is more than I have. It made for a lighthearted explanation, and certainly it put me in the right mindset for the holidays, a time that is often overwhelmingly stressful.

Thanks for reminding me of the magic of Christmas, Marce!