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Victoria City Council is expected to make its final vote Tuesday whether to transfer (and close) a block of De Leon Street so St. Joseph High School can expand east.

I've been following this story since at least January... The past two votes on it have ended 5-2, with Councilman Emett Alvarez and Councilwoman Josephine Soliz voting against the transfer.

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Even after public meetings, and hours of back-and-forth, it appears the residents of College Park and the administration of St. Joseph High School have still not reached a compromise.

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In the exchange, the city will transfer .358 acres within the De Leon Street right-of-way in exchange for about .251 acres along Red River Street, $11,700 and up to $25,000 for utility relocation under De Leon Street. The first ordinance reading was Feb. 5 and the second was Feb. 19.

Check out the full city council agenda and packet here.