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I love reading conspiracy theories. They absolutely fascinate me. Whether it's hobos in nice clothes near the grassy knoll, secret film sets dressed up like the moon, or a centuries old group protecting the descendants of Christ, I always want to know more. I love to get in to the particulars of the how things were done and why they had to happen.

The most important part of a good conspiracy, in my opinion, is the reasoning behind it. Of course we had to fake the moon landing; it was for American moral. Of course the government new about 9/11, how else were we going to take over the Middle East? Why yes, Brett Farve really is acting as a double agent for the Packers, why else would he go to the Vikings?

None of those are things that I believe myself. On a rational, conscious level, I can see why people might believe these things, but on a personal level I fail to understand it. Maybe I'm just such a dreamer that I'd hate to find out we never made it to the moon; maybe I'm just a fool for finding it easier to believe that 9/11 was the fault of terrorist jerks than the government who couldn't get its act together in the wake of Katrina. Then again, maybe the government dragged its feet on Katrina so no one would think they were responsible for 9/11.

There are an amazing amount of conspiracies surrounding Barack Obama. He's a man who has only really been in the mainstream conscious for a little over 5 years, and yet he's been out to destroy America since his illegal, non-American birth.

Popular claims against Obama from the past few years: he wasn't born in America; he's a secret muslim; he's a puppet for his Christian pastor; he's out to destroy the Catholic Church; he's a puppet for a Zionist conspiracy; he's going to replace the government with Islamic overlords; he's racist, specifically toward white people; he's in the closet; he's socialist; he's a nazi; he wants nothing more than the complete destruction of the United States of America.

I'll say this for the guy: pick any two things on that list and I'm going to guess it's pretty exhausting being him as well as raising two kids and being the leader of the free world. How he has time to invite Nascar drivers to the White House I don't know, but I find it to be impressive if nothing less.

Now, I said before, a great conspiracy is based in great reasoning for the conspiracy to have taken place. And yet, for the great majority of Obama conspiracies, I cannot reach a logical, satisfying answer to the question "Why?"

Let us speculate for a moment that Barack Obama has in fact spent his entire adult life taking calculated risks in an effort to become President, with the ultimate goal of destroying the United States. First, what does that even mean? Is the suggestion that he's going to dissolve the union, letting them become a collection of groups based on geography and resources? Is the suggestion that he's going to turn over the control of the government to a different organization that may not even be based in this country? Or is it simple hyperbole who think the only America that should exist is their own personal version?

Secondly, why destroy America? Why get yourself in to the position to be quite possibly the most powerful man in the world and then work to ruin that? Why willingly concede power that you spent so much energy and effort to capture?

I think it's easy to throw the words around because them seem powerful and dangerous. "Destroy America." It sounds scary, but it lacks context. It doesn't really mean anything.

Or maybe I'm wrong, and the people on this site who really believe this can shed some light on the subject? I'm asking out of a general curiosity what they expect to happen in the next 3 years that will lead from us being the United States of America to nothing.

The problem I have with these theories in the end is that they attempt to paint America as weak willed and soft. That one man with a few pretty words and pen strokes could destroy everything that came before him. That if the Constitution was truly, honestly threatened that the public would just accept it. What does that say about the faith in the American Spirit?